Who’s Trying Anymore?

Remember the commercial that used to have employees doing really awful things? Then the voice used to say, “Ever get the feeling that some people just aren’t trying very hard ?” or something with that exact meaning.

That was the set-up, here are two stories.

Anna and her DH have been trying to drop off their hard earned money at several big box stores because they want to do a substantial remodel in the bathroom. Not a remodel like the Patronella’s do. A remodel like the Plunkett’s do!

It’s hard to believe, but they had to go to 4 stores before anyone took them seriously enough to “allow” them to make a design appointment I thought it was because they look like babies and no one actually believed they are grads and own a home. I even went with them on one of these excursions and everyone knows I don’t look like a baby or a babe and we still couldn’t receive proper assistance. (The bathroom sits)

Second story….
I was out running errands today (HATE) and decided to grab a bite at a fast food place. I order what a want. She says we’re out of that but I’ll substitute this. OK. What would you like as your side? I would like this. What would you like as your drink? I would like this. When I got home I so wonderfully discovered that I didn’t have this or this or this. The plastic container is rather cool and I’ll add it to my recycling pile. Win one for my hoarding habit!!

There really is a third story but I need to go and hunt down some lunch.


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Milo Mario Andretti

Milo Mario Andretti

This is why Milo thinks he can drive. He practices with his mom!

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Houdini Puppy

I’m taking care of Milo ( Anna and Michaels’ mixed breed ) this week.  He can be a bit of a challenge but overall he has the sweetest disposition. 


He loves playing in our back yard but the difficult part is asking him politely to return in the house.  The scenario:  Missy does her business. She waits for me politely at the door with an angelic stance.  Peeps does his business.  He waits for me politely by the door and continues to do a little sniffing on the patio.  Milo……return to the door……?   Not so much!  I’ve coming up with a plan to get really loud and mean and hope that he’ll come when called.  Not so much?  All I did was scare my little dogs……which are nearly perfect!


Next scenario:  I’m cleaning the kitchen and putting all of my hoarding supplies where they belong.  Some in cupboards.  Some in the garage. Some in my studio.  I went into my car to bring a load to Goodwill….to my amazement….Milo is in the front seat of my van……in the “drive” position!  How in the world did he get in there…..without me noticing. HOUDINI!  Also, I opened the door and he wouldn’t get out!  I scooped him up!  Plopped him in the kitchen!  Gave him the lucky talk!  Told him he was lucky that Mi Mi doesn’t believe in  puppy punishment and that he is also lucky to have parents who adore him no matter how nutty he acts.

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Retirement 2012

Yesterday was my last day of teaching after 32 and a half years. I shared these words with my school staff on Friday at our Holiday luncheon.


My plan was to share several of the funniest stories I’ve had during my teaching years.  After the tragedy of last week I decided that I’m going to write one story per week and add to my blog instead of sharing them today.  Besides I don’t want anyone to think I’m competing with Susan Norman and her escapades.

I’m not one of those people that spent my entire childhood years thinking I would be a teacher. I actually didn’t declare a major until I got to college.  I probably wouldn’t even have gone to college except I followed a cute guy there and ended up taking classes over a four year period and ended up with a degree.

I’ve taught high school, pre-school, college, kindergarten, first grade, and third grade. The ride in all of these areas has been bumpy, smooth,  exciting, frustrating, endearing, educational,  unbelievable, daunting, tiring, loving, but most of all I was doing exactly what I wanted to do.

During the years that I taught I got married, watched ships fall out of the sky, said good bye to my parents, created off spring, traveled the country, got a cell phone, learned how to fuse glass, tutored kids in my neighborhood, buried one of my students, led a girl scout troop, began to be an Alan Jackson fan, taught my kids more than the curriculum, volunteered  in various  arenas, sold products for a scrapbook company,  shared great times with family and friends, and on and on and on.  The entire time doing my best to be at work and bring high standards to my little charges.

I was only late for work one time in 33 years.  Damn that Pinterest!

When I told my students that I was retiring they said the cutest things ever.  Most of them really didn’t understand what that meant. I’m not exactly sure what that means either.  I know that I’m going to tidy up my studio at home because it looks… untidy.  I know I’m going to do some volunteering because that’s one of my loves.  I plan to use my new little Missy to do some therapy at 2 retirement homes.  I’m going to continue crocheting hats, bags, and scarves for a cancer group that I support.  If my nephews will help me, I’m going to learn how to weld.  I’ve always wanted to be a part of Habitat for Humanity…..now I can wield a hammer and David will be delighted I’m not tearing something up in our home. I provide child care for 2 kids that I adore  and I’ll still continue that because the income is useful and I have to support my habits.

I do have one funny little story to share that just happened this week.   You know how the dismissal at 3:20 in your room can almost be a hair raising experience?  On Wednesday I was trying to get the kiddos out of the room on time and the place looked like a jungle, and 6 darlings couldn’t find their bus tags, and someone’s hurt foot had to get reported, and I was trying to find my windy hat for dismissal and I needed to tell Kathy something about a student and this adorable child came in from Maria’s class and I just wanted to say “This really isn’t a good time please come back tomorrow”….but Kathy and I both stopped and looked at her and this is what came out of her sweet little mouth as she peered up and looked at me. “Are you the Knitting Captain?”  It just doesn’t get better than that.

Stick it out and enjoy the ride if that is what your journey is supposed to be.  I’m glad I did.

blog retirement

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Sew Machine Cabinet

Redo On Joan’s Old Cabinet

Last year mom passed away and it was such a relief to us that she didn’t have to feel pain or despair ever again. After a while  I took several small pieces of furniture out of her house with plans of upcycling them. Joan brought it to my attention that the sewing cabinet was actually hers that she bought with high school graduation money: I have no idea how she can remember that far back but no one can dispute her claim so I guess the piece is hers!!  Jess helped me load it in the Odyssey and off it went to H-town.  I pondered for two weeks how I was going to paint it and make changes so it would be repurposed in a special way for Joan Amanda.  That isn’t really her middle name.  Cousin Joyce gave that name to her and I think it has a nice ring to it.

I knew part of it had to be red.  I love spray paint because it just  goes on so nicely with no brush strokes.  I am uncharacteristically creative and I adore things that are lopsided, uneven, strange and  even unpredictable….but….I abhor brush strokes on painted furniture unless it is intended and has a definite purpose.  The legs and drawers became cherry red.  I found adorable pulls at Lowes.  I had the green and gold paint for the top. Distressed it a bit.  The trip back to K-town distressed it some more.  What to do with the hole on the  top?  A tray was the perfect answer.  Fortunately I live right by a Pier 1 and the hole  is now covered by a lovely nickel piece that Joan A. has adorned with pictures of her three gorgeous and precious grandchildren.

It was absolutely delightful to bring the furniture to her.  I hope it gave her a little bit of happiness and the opportunity to think of better times when she used the actual sewing machine then handed it off to mom to create so many items for all of us.

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Sister Weekends

My aunt produced these 7 sisters ( and 4 wonderful brothers).

I have been lucky enough to have had several fun adult sessions with my wonderful sisters.  We have frozen ourselves on a paddle boat in New Orleans. Several times they came to Houston and we shopped until we ran out of money and energy.  Florida trips were amazing and filled with laughter, food, sunscreen and brother in law standing guard on the beach just in case a shark came near any of us. ( we call him Brody when he does that)  The hill country has also entertained us.  Our last one and a favorite of mine was a lovely trip to San Franciso.  Two of our sister-in-laws came on that one. My mother always called the ones who married into our family the in-laws and called us the out-laws.  When she said it  during grace….I chuckled!  Great memories!

The last real sister trip we had was in August of 2010.  Joan has been ill and we just can’t go on one without her.  Get well sister and do it quick .I’m going to retire soon and we need to make some tracks.

Our cousins from Bridge City go on lots of sister trips also. They do it BIG!!! Friends join them and I  have never seen so much animal print in my whole life!  One of the rituals they partake in prior to  leaving is praying for safety and good health for family and anything else that is

I brought each one of them a glass pendant. I’ll be making more soon!

burning in their hearts and minds.  Love!  Love!  Love their closeness and priorities.

Many thanks to my cousins for delaying their departure a bit so I could stop by and say hello on my voyage to Louisiana.  I hope that my sisters (all of them) and my cousins can merge for a HUGE adventure soon.

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I have so many hobbies it’s hard for me to pick my favorite one.  My latest craze is glass fusion pendant pieces.  I make them at Glazed Over and it is the best therapy ever!!

Table Full of Glass YUM!

Sassy Jewelry

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